Festive canapé menu

Our newest canapé menu, inspired by ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ pairs savoury and sweet festive flavours with lyrics from the well-storied song.

blog-left-bannerblog-right-banner-newCoined our ‘Hark the Herald Angels Bling’ menu owing to the shimmering elements of its presentation, we curated this edible concept to add extra sparkle to event menus this party season.

Nostalgic ingredients including turkey and cranberry are of course included, but we have also added bespoke items to tailor each canapé to the 12 days heralded in the classic song. Mini partridge pies and pear sauce – our ode to the first day of Christmas and milk jelly, crisp pearls and white chocolate sweet bites crowned in edible gold leaf – our interpretation of ‘eight maids are milking’ are two of the twelve unique canapés that punctuate our latest menu. Click here for full details of all 12 menu items.

Amp up the glam this party season and book our Hark the Herald Angels Bling canapé menu for your end-of-year. Available now until Saturday 24th December 2016.

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